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forming shoulder

A forming shoulder is a part which forms a flat film into a tube. Compared to a free forming process applying a forming shoulder would lead to

  • a lower requirement of installation space
  • a reliable and faster changeover

Forming shoulders are being applied mainly in packaging machines.
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about us

FormerFab® designs and manufactures forming shoulders, which are also well known as forming collars, folding devices or formers.

We offer

  • guaranteed wrinkle free forming
  • a manufacturing process with repeated accuracy
  • reasonably priced universal forming shoulders
  • forming shoulders for almost every required cross-section of the film tube

We are specialists in the aspect of continuous forming of flat films into a tube.
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ideas & innovations

Our longtime experience in designing forming shoulders for different scopes of application has led to numerous improvements in the manufacturing of forming shoulders already. Particularly we would like to emphasize:

  • forming shoulders which can be opened simplify the handling of the forming tube
  • forming shoulders for the production of double-front sticks with standard packaging machines
  • hygienically designed forming shoulders

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