Inverse horizontale FormschulterInverse horizontal forming shoulder
01.02.02 schlauchquerschnitt-transparent 01
example of cross-sections of a tube formed by an inverse horizontal forming shoulder
ihfs maschinenprinzip 2013-01-08 01
machine concept for using an inverse horizontal forming shoulder for centred seal
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inverse horizontal forming shoulder

Inverse horizontal forming shoulder


form of the seal: centered or shifted lap or distant fin seal
infeed of film: from bottom

Inverse horizontal forming shoulders are applied to the packaging of piece goods. The design of the feeding system, which transports the piece goods into the forming shoulder, is less complex due to the transfer point between conveyor and forming shoulder being a simple straight edge.


  • wrinkle-free forming
  • minimum installation effort
  • the sealing- and pulling-off rolls are good accessible
  • simple design of the infeed system
vhfs-blech-typ-2 1 blau-2013-01-14 01
Adjusting the width of a format continuoulsy

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