WellformerLongitudinal corrugator
01.03.05-wellformer-schlauchquerschnitt 03
possible structure of the corrugated material at the outfeed of the corrugator
IMGP1726-wellformer 01
outfeed of the longitudinal corrugator

Longitudinal corrugator


The longitudinal corrugator was invented as a device for the corrugation of paper. It is the basis for the production of longitudinal corrugated cardboard or cross-corrugated cardboard. It is conceivable that not only paper but also plastic, woven and non-woven fabric or tin foils can be applied as raw material.

The longitudinal corrugator is one of our products. We design and manufacture the longitudinal corrugator exactly for your application.


The film material is formed by the longitudinal corrugator. The forming process is similar to that of an extruder. Theoretically the corrugated profiles can be produced with an endless length. The geometry of the profiles to be formed can be designed nearly without restrictions.

The longitudinal corrugator is effectively applicable to the production of cross-corrugated cardboard or honey-comb cardboard. Even applications beyond the processing of paper were realized.


  • Optimum film run and re-production is possible due to an exact calculated Design.
  • Longitudinal corrugator manufactured in best quality due to in-house manufacturing.


  • Optimal for the processing of continuous product streams.
  • Up to now each longitudinal corrugator has a fixed format.

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longitudinal corrugation technology

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