Horizontal hergestellte Dreiseitenrandbeutelthree-side sealed bags, horizontal produced
01.02.03-3SS-horizontal-schlauchquerschnitt-transparent 01
examples of possible cross-sections of the film tube
01.02.03-3SS-horizontal-maschinenprinzip-transparent 02.png,hfs bosch 03
machine concept for using a inverse horizontal forming shoulder for three-side sealed bags
01.02.03-3SS-horizontal-maschinenprinzip-transparent 02.png,hfs bosch 03
inverse horizontal forming shoulder for three-side sealed bags

Three-side sealed bags, produced horizontally


form of seal: distant fin seal on the edge of the bag
infeed of film: from bottom

The horizontal machine concept is used if the goods are fragile or heavy or the order of a stack has to be kept.

Three-side sealed bags are suitable especially for aseptic packaging. There are no leaps of the layers in the seals. Therefore the bags are impermeable. The inverse horizontal forming shoulder for three-side sealed bags forms the longitudinal fin seal to the edge of the bag. The cross-section of the film tube is rectangular with rounded edges.


  • wrinkle-free forming
  • the sealing- and pulling-off rolls are easily accessible
  • simple design of the infeed system


  • increased length of the forming shoulder due to its asymmetric design

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