QuadSeal - FormschulterQuadSeal
quadSeal querschnitte transparent 01
possible cross-sections of QuadSeal forming shoulders
quadSeal maschinenprinzip transparent 01
machine concept for using a QuadSeal forming shoulders
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QuadSeal forming shoulder

Forming shoulders for quad seal gusset bags


filling tube: round or rectangular
form of seal: centered or shifted lap or turned-down fin seal

Bags with sealed gussets are more rugged compared to bags without sealed gussets. They provide even areas for the information and the advertising on every side of the bag.

A QuadSeal forming shoulder forms the film tube and the gussets continuously in one forming process, keeping the falling height of the product is small.


  • requires small installation space
  • one-step forming of the complete gusseted film tube

Producing sealed gussets

While pulling the film tube the guiding parts of the QuadSeal forming shoulder and the forming tube form the gussets continuously. The gussets are sealed directly below the forming shoulder by the sealing equipment.

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