Formschulter für DoubleFrontSticksforming shoulders for double-front sticks
02.01.04 dfs schlauchquerschnitt transparent 01
possible cross-sections of a double-front stick
02.01.04 dfs maschinenprinzip transparent 01
machine concept for double-front sticks
P1160153 dfs 03
forming shoulder for double-front sticks

Forming shoulders for double-front sticks


cross-section: round or rectangular with seal on the edge
form of seal: lap seal, distant or turned down fin seal

Produce bags with the seal on the edge of the bag with your standard machine - the double-front stick. All you have to do is shift the longitudinal sealing jaw to the side, install our forming shoulder and run your process.


  • Extends the product range of your standard bag forming, filling and sealing machine
  • Reliable tube forming in one step
  • Suitable for multilane machines


The forming height of forming shoulders for double front sticks is greater compared to stickpack forming shoulders with centered seal for the same flat bag width.

A patent has been filed for the forming shoulder for double front sticks.

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doublefrontstick bag transparent 2009 03
tubular bag "double-front stick"

forming shoulders by FormerFab®

  • designed and manufactured to the requirements of your packing material, your packaging machine and your product
  • guaranteed wrinkle free forming of your sample material
  • hold the highest precision by an end-to-end computer aided designing and manufacturing process

Besides an individual designed forming shoulder we offer a wide range of reasonably priced and standardized forming shoulders. Please find our universal forming shoulders and forming heads.