Stickpack - Formschulter "easy-to-open"forming shoulders for stickpacks easy to open
UEbersicht Querschnitte Stickpack transparent 03
possible tube cross-sections
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slide front parts to open or close the forming shoulder
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forming shoulders for stickpacks "easy-to-open"

Forming shoulders for stickpacks "easy-to-open"

By employing movable parts, the usually closed forming shoulder is rendered more accessible.Under normal circumstances forming shoulders are closed. Moveable front parts improve accessibility. The handling of  film is much faster and safer, especially when used in multilane forming sets.


Forming shoulders of the "easy-to-open" design consist of

  • a body which is mounted on the machine
  • moveable front parts, which can be opened and closed by a sliding mechanism

All parts are designed to move safely and without impacting any other parts when operated side by side.


  • Reduced setup time as well as time savings when changing and cleaning the parts  on account of the simplified handling of the filling tube
  • suitable for multilane forming sets

Read more about the "easy-to-open" mechanism

IMG 3189-Format-ETO 01
opened forming shoulders of a stickpack forming set
IMG 3188-ETO-Format 01
closed forming shoulders of a stickpack forming set
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forming shoulders easy to open

forming shoulders by FormerFab®

  • designed and manufactured to the requirements of your packing material, your packaging machine and your product
  • guaranteed wrinkle free forming of your sample material
  • hold the highest precision by an end-to-end computer aided designing and manufacturing process

Besides an individual designed forming shoulder we offer a wide range of reasonably priced and standardized forming shoulders. Please find our universal forming shoulders and forming heads.