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exemplary cross-sections of stickpacks
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machine concept for stickpacks
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forming shoulder for stickpacks, fin seal right-over-left

Forming shoulders for stickpacks


Cross-section: rectangular or round with centered seal
Types of seal: lap seal, distant seal and turned fin seal

Bags with a flat bag width of less than 60 mm are called stickpacks. The flat film is formed into a tube with the seal concealed completely within the forming shoulder.

We are not limited to a minimum flat bag width. The smallest forming shoulder we have ever manufactured was for a flat bag width of 6 mm. Our entire stickpack forming shoulders are milled and thus ideal for multilane purposes. Each forming shoulder of a series is identical to any other.

Forming shoulders with a flat bag width exceeding 60 mm are usually called universal forming shoulders. They are made of sheet metal and their application in multilane machines is limited.


  • reliable forming process
  • reduced forming height and improved stability compared to a forming process that does not utilize forming shoulders
  • improved stability of film run compared to a process that utilizes heads of forming shoulders
  • no special qualification required for installation and operation of the forming shoulder
  • ideal for the application in multilane stickpack machines


  • costly manufacturing and testing processes
  • frequent adoption to new film material and process conditions necessary


Find information on how to open stickpack forming shoulders easily using the "easy-to-open" mechanism

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design variant "easy-to-open"

forming shoulders by FormerFab®

  • designed and manufactured to the requirements of your packing material, your packaging machine and your product
  • guaranteed wrinkle free forming of your sample material
  • hold the highest precision by an end-to-end computer aided designing and manufacturing process

Besides an individual designed forming shoulder we offer a wide range of reasonably priced and standardized forming shoulders. Please find our universal forming shoulders and forming heads.