Universal-Formschulteruniversal forming shoulder
01.01.02 2 schlauchquerschnitt transparent 01
one forming shoulder - two different kind of longitudinal seals
B150 lap mF 02
universal forming shoulder
B150 fin mF detail 01
setup for turned-down fin seal
B150 lap mF detail klein 02
setup for lap seal

Universal forming shoulder


cross-section of filling tube: round
form of the seal: centered lap and turned-down fin seal, right side over left side

Universal forming shoulders are efficiently manufactured forming shoulders for bags with a flat bag width between 50 mm and 250 mm. Two different series are offered in our brochure "universal forming shoulder". Besides price information the brochure gives the dimensions of each forming shoulder. Due to the pre-defined dimensions of the forming shoulder the design process of the machine can be faster.

Series ffcompact

Forming shoulder series ffcompact is developed for machines which offer only a little installation space. The infeed angle is rather small and causes more stress on the film material compared to a forming shoulder with a higher infeed angle. We suggest applying resilient film materials like mono-plastic films on these forming shoulders.

Series ffcomfort

This forming shoulder series offers an infeed angle of 45°. It is therefore also suitable for more sensitive laminated films. Due to the constant infeed angle we offer the option "infeed rolls" for this series. Infeed rolls align the film run to the surface of the forming shoulder in the most suitable way. By choosing this option two infeed rolls are attached to the infeed of the forming shoulder.


  • reasonably priced
  • Both lap seal and fin seal may be produced with one forming shoulder
  • simply obtain spare parts due to standardized dimensions
  • series ffcompact: small height of the forming shoulder


  • applicable film materials: only mono-plastic and laminated-plastic film without layers of paper.

Obtain the brochure of the universal forming shoulders

formerfab universal catalogue 01
brochure "universal forming shoulder"

forming shoulders by FormerFab®

  • designed and manufactured to the requirements of your packing material, your packaging machine and your product
  • guaranteed wrinkle free forming of your sample material
  • hold the highest precision by an end-to-end computer aided designing and manufacturing process

Besides an individual designed forming shoulder we offer a wide range of reasonably priced and standardized forming shoulders. Please find our universal forming shoulders and forming heads.