Twinform-FormschulterTwinform forming shoulder
02.01.06 twinform Querschnitte transparent 02
Possible cross-sections of the tube formed by TwinForm
02.01.06 Maschinenprinzip twinform transparent 2012-12-11 01
machine concept for TwinForm
IMG 3269-twinform 03
milled TwinForm, material: aluminium, hard anodized

Forming shoulder for double-chamber bags


filling cross-section: round
form of seal: centered end-to-end, two distant fin seals

TwinForm forms a double tube. This double tube is used to pack two individual products into a double-chamber bag. It may also be used to pack one product into two three-side-sealed bags.


  • suitable for fragile products due to a small height of TwinForm
  • stable film forming
  • wide openings of the film makes filling the chambers easy
  • reduced amount of forming parts makes TwinForm especially suitable for easy cleaning applications

TwinForm is patented.

Get information about forming a double tube

P1000287-twinform-beutel-silbern 02
double chamber bag or two united three-side-sealed bags

forming shoulders by FormerFab®

  • designed and manufactured to the requirements of your packing material, your packaging machine and your product
  • guaranteed wrinkle free forming of your sample material
  • hold the highest precision by an end-to-end computer aided designing and manufacturing process

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