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Various design options

Whether round, rectangular or oval - symmetric or asymmetric - almost every cross-section of a film tube could be designed. Read more about the design options of your forming shoulder.


Double film tube with TwinForm

Produce a double film tube in one step with TwinForm forming shoulders. Take the benefits of a small drop height of the product and a simple structured device.


Promotional stickpack for portioned packages

Apply stickpacks with two equal bag sides - the double-front stick. The longitudinal seal is arranged at the bag edge. Your standard vertical bag forming, filling and sealing machine will be capable of forming these bags with our forming shoulders for double-front sticks.


Forming shoulder easy to open

Handling the film and the filling tube would be easy if the forming shoulder is able to be opened. We found a solution to achieve it.


Hygienic design in reference to forming shoulders

Aseptic packaging requires the application of hygienic designed forming shoulders. There must not be any inaccessible gap. Each part of the forming shoulder has to be accessible all over. We apply particular design patterns to achieve all of those requirements.


Forming shoulders for horizontal bag making machines

Folding boxes require time-consuming adjusting routines to achieve a reliable film run. Avoid these expenditures with exactly calculated forming shoulders.


Adjusting the width of the format continuously

It is reliable. It is simple. It is restorable. Adjusting the width of the format using a single forming shoulder is not critical any more.


Tubular bags for tablets

Pack tablets in tubular bags with a minimum consumption of film material. Achieve it by choosing a forming shoulder that forms a film tube with a rectangular instead of  a round cross-section.


Stickpacks for very small portions

Typically stickpacks have a width of bag of 12 mm and more. A smaller width of bag is also achievable.


Functional layers for plastic tubes

Forming shoulders could be applied to the production of plastic tubes if functional layers like an insulation layer should be wrapped around the plastic tube and bonded together.
cross-section: round, oval or rectangular
position of seal: typically lap of fin seal that are centred to the centre of the bag.


Protection layers for concrete tubes

Forming shoulders are applied to the production of concrete tubes to protect the machine from contacting the concrete tube. Forming shoulders for a film width up to 1.500 mm have been realized yet. Form of the seal: lap seal or fin seal centered to the center of the tube


Longitudinal corrugating technology

Forming shoulders are used to produce longitudinal corrugated profiles. We realized a device that produced longitudinal corrugated cardboard. It turned out that the technology is applicable to different materials like plastic, woven and non-woven fabric or tin foils.