Stufenloses Einstellen der Formatbreiteadjusting the width of a format continuously
vhfs-schmale-breite 03
adjustable horizontal forming shoulder

Adjusting the width of the format continuously

Adjusting and changing the width of the format

The width of the format could be adjusted continuously by sliding two parts of the forming shoulder for horizontal bag making machines. Just loosen two screws which are easily accessible. 

Without wrinkles

The exact calculation of the optimal geometry of the forming shoulder guarantees the best forming results in each position of the slidable parts. It also enables the application of a simple mechanism to slide the parts of the forming shoulder.
Our forming shoulders are particularly qualified for sensitive films and paper. The dependency on the processability of different film materials is reduced.

Instantly applicable

The adjustable horizontal forming shoulder can be instantly applied to the horizontal bag making machine. There are no additional changes to be made with reference to the bag forming machine.

A patent has been filed for the introduced solution.


The infeed roll of the packaging machine has to be moveable since the alignment between infeed roll and forming shoulder has to be guaranteed. 

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IMGP3541 vhfs-mit-folie 1  blau -2013-01-14 03
film run through an adjustable horizontal forming shoulder: film infeed on the left