DoubleFrontStickdouble front stick
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forming shoulder for double-front sticks

Promotional stickpack for portioned packages

Highest economy

Generate more revenue by using the double-front stick. It combines the advantages of stickpacks and three-side sealed bags: minimum material usage with maximum space for product presentation and attractive appearance.

Better handling

The double-front stick makes it extremely easy to get the product out. For the tearing aid the bag has to be sealed over up to the longitudinal seam. Since the longitudinal seam of conventional stickpacks is arranged in the centre, half of the bag cannot be used for product removal. Double-front sticks, however, provide almost the full width for removal because the longitudinal seam is arranged on the bag edge.

Ample space for advertising

The double-front stick provides you with maximum space for presentation. With conventional stickpacks the longitudinal seam splits the advertising and information space of the back. The double-front stick hides the longitudinal seam at the bag edge. With double front stick forming shoulders two equal bag sides are available.

Easy to retrofit

Your existing single-row or multiple-row tubular bag machine can be easily retrofitted for the production of double-front Sticks. Only the forming collar, longitudinal sealing jaws and retainers need to be replaced.

A patent has been filed for the forming shoulder for forming the double-front stick.

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P1000478-doublefrontstick-beutel 02.JPG,doublefrontstick bag transparent 2009 02
P1000478-doublefrontstick-beutel 02.JPG,doublefrontstick bag transparent 2009 02