Easy-To-Open (ETO)easy-to-open (eto)
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easy-to-open version of stickpack forming shoulder

Easy to open

This advancement of a stickpack forming shoulder fulfills the requirements of our customers: It is a multipart forming shoulder that can be opened and closed easily. It offers improvements in the aspects of maintenance, cleaning and operation not only for the operator but also for the manufacturer:

The manufacturer is able to design his machine in a much more simple way. The filling tube could be removed and set back to the front. Due to the changed direction of movement the required space for the forming set is reduced.

The operator is able to handle the film in the area of the forming shoulder easily. The forming shoulders could be removed and setback for cleaning and change-over easier.


  • cost savings for the manufacturer due to the simplified structure of the machine
  • cost savings for the end user due to reduced changeover time
  • guaranteed reliable one-step film forming


  • To be applied to single and multilane stickpack machine.


  • Slightly increased investment costs compared to the fully closed forming shoulder.

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Loosen the screws and push the parts to the side.