Längswelltechnologie - Kontinuierliche Strukturen mit einer Formschulter formenLongitudinal corrugating technology
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longitudinal corrugator

Longitudinal corrugating technology

The longitudinal corrugating technology enables the continuous forming of corrugated profiles longitudinally to the direction of processing. It is based on a forming shoulder and suitable for flat films of different materials like paper, plastic, woven and non-woven fabric or tin foils.

The technology is realized in a corrugating device. The stress on the film material while forming is reduced to a minimum since differences in the material length are balanced out by the elaborate design of the longitudinal corrugator.

We have realized a longitudinal corrugator in a test rig for corrugated cardboard. A further application can be the production of profiles of corrugated cardboard.

We offer for the development of profiles of corrugated cardboard:

      • the longitudinal corrugating technology
      • joint development of the product and the required machines

      Get information about the first realization of the longitudinal corrugating technology - the longitudinal corrugator

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      corrugated cardboard at the outfeed of the corrugating machine