Forming shoulders for horizontal bag making machines

A question of cost

Folding boxes require time-consuming adjusting routines to achieve a reliable film run. Adjusting routines are necessary for the installation or a changeover of the bag format. They have to be done especially accurately if a high-speed film run is required.

We offer exactly calculated horizontal forming shoulders which do not need these costly adjusting routines.

Calculated geometry

Folding boxes made by craftsmen are adjusted by changing infeed angle and infeed length of the film until an appropriate forming result is achieved. Strictly speaking each combination of these parameters require a separate designed forming box.

Our approach is to calculate the optimal geometry of the folding box and pre-define the infeed angle and the infeed length. Do not waste time looking for the applicable parameters. All you have to do is install our forming shoulder and run your process!


  • wrinkle-free forming advanced
  • minimal effort in mechanical finishing
  • reliable reproducibility

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